Eleni-Ira Panourgia

Co-composition processes


'Process / Procedure' is a durational performance-installation part of my PhD thesis titled 'Co-composition processes: Form, structure and time across sculpture and sound' undertaken in 2015-2019 at the University of Edinburgh. The research was funded by the Onassis Foundation and the A.G. Leventis Foundation.

The performance-installation seeks to create a co-compositional situation in which physical and sonic material are concurrently produced, rearranged and transformed. Central to this work is the idea of process, which is viewed in relation to actions of sculpture making and their reflection through physical and sonic material manipulation. 'Process / Procedure' explores multisensory environments that are constantly changing and shifting the way we use our senses, the way we perceive material and immaterial aspects of our surroundings. How things co-exist, how they might be connected or be in a state of collision, defines the way we experience and interact with them. I am interested in the types of knowledge that can be generated from our attempt to cope with conflicting states of order and continuity, the static and the ephemeral, processes and procedures.

Thesis publication: https://era.ed.ac.uk/handle/1842/35963