Eleni-Ira Panourgia

Multi-modal relief


Multi-modal relief (2012-14) involves two themes of works that combine sculpture with temporal modalities of sound and movement. The works engage with a dialogue between static objects (sculptures), animated visual material and sound. Although static, the sculptural reliefs unfold in space and in time. They are experienced as a sequence of durational values, as in the music piece of this work. The two modalities are then brought together based on the notion of time and length. The series includes two main installation pieces: Pyth and Circles. Both works exist in the form of a loop. I am concerned with the concept of energy and how it is articulated through the different modalities and materials. I am interested in the hybrid aesthetic that is created from the contrast between the intense physical effort implied by the use of wood, plaster and fabric, and the weightless images of the projections.

Pyth (2013-14) is a composition of three reliefs from plaster and fabric of dimensions 2,00m x 2,30m each, music and projected animation. This work focuses on the form of the relief in relation to movement and the notion of temporality. The reliefs are made based on proportions of the just-intonation ratios, while their outline is used to define pitch. These spatial-sonic correspondences are used as a compositional tool. The animation part refers to the cycle of water and comes in a dialogue with the landscape-looking reliefs.

Circles (2012-13) includes a recorded shadow theatre animation projected on wooden reliefs. My focus in Circles is on the relationships formed among different circular shapes, both static (carved on wood) and animated (projections). This work is inspired by the amoeboid movement and engages with changes in the cells’ formation. Walnut wood of dimensions 0,30m x 1,40m, beech wood of dimensions 0,30m x 0,50m and projectors.

Photography Eleni Ntouva