Eleni-Ira Panourgia

Web-canvas 2.0


An updated version of Web-canvas was commissioned by Screen Dive and Gaudeamus Festival in September 2021.
Web-canvas is an interactive web-based audiovisual work that invites members of the public to experiment simultaneously with images and sounds to create personalised compositions. The images of the work derive from a monotype representing an abstract landscape and the sounds are composed from field recordings, cello recordings and electronics. Colour and tones from black to grey and red correspond to sound frequency. Shape such as the length, the width, the roundness or the way a form unfolds into space are considered in terms of duration and movement in sound. Visual textures express density, sound source choice and rhythmic variation in sound. Web-canvas can be composed based on vision and on listening, by clicking and dragging its pieces and repositioning them on the canvas, which in turn triggers changes in the sound of the work. Users can hover their mouse over each piece to listen to its individual sound. The sonic and visual landscape can be played back, reset, erased and recreated according to the user’s own choices. Creating changes in sounds and images at the same time allows us to explore how changing one element will affect the whole. How we are bonded with everything around us is symbolized by the way each piece of the canvas constantly depends on the state of a larger entity.
Click on the image to interact with the work.