Eleni-Ira Panourgia

Developing Multidimensional Objects

Project supervisor in Digital Media Studio Project 'Developing Multidimensional Objects' @ Edinburgh College of Art

Over the course of the 20th century, there has been an on-going combination of sound and spatial practices such as in visual art installations, architectural space, spatial music, sound art and more recently, virtual reality. This trend has not only created new aesthetic challenges concerning the combination of features and modalities of the different art forms but also new ways for experiencing artworks. The combination of such modalities, which is strongly associated with sound and visual art installations, incorporates ideas of co-composition, interactivity and collaboration by exploring hybrid spatial/physical/sonic environments through making new objects. Mike Blow (2014, pp.6-7) mentions that ‘It can be argued that the point of a multimedia piece is not the senses themselves but the space between them that is created by their interaction, the phenomenon Michel Chion calls ‘added value’ (Chion 1994 p. 5).’

In this project, we work by developing and combining objects of different dimensions such as 3D physical/digital objects and sound for creating new hybrid types of composition. We discuss issues of the combination of physical/digital 3D objects and sound objects for creating new hybrid experiences. In DMO, we investigate ways for interacting across spatial and sonic, comparing and combining the modalities of two or more objects of different dimensions. The group looks at methods for developing the first (i.e. a space) based on the second (i.e. sound) and vice versa. This is happening through the making and the experimentation with objects of different dimensions by observing, analysing and combining their modalities. The outcomes of DMO include sonic, physical and virtual experiences in space.

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