Eleni-Ira Panourgia

sIREN - Interdisciplinary Research Network

This project includes the foundation of sIREN network and team and the organization of a series of research workshops, seminars and conferences in the University of Edinburgh. sIREN aims to provide support and training for research students and staff concerning interdisciplinary research, as well as to create dialogue between several fields and promote new perceptions of research, based on diverse methodological approaches. sIREN project contributes to the creation of new networks among research students and academics, it lays foundation for new collaborations and contributes to the development of academic and professional skills both for the participants and the organisers. It also enhances and complements research methods training concerning interdisciplinary subjects. Additionally, it introduces new ideas and approaches, and it creates links in an international level with other Universities, renowned academics and research institutions such as STEIM, IRCAM, University of Warwick, University of Newcastle, University of Lancaster, Locus Sonus and NYU. It showcases both nationally and internationally, the research and work undertaken in Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh.