Eleni-Ira Panourgia

Traces of Affect

This collaborative work with Dorothea Kalogianni, investigates the ephemeral traces of affect deriving from musical stimuli. The aim is to explore relationships among music, affective responses and kinetic forms. The concept of trace can be identified throughout the three core elements of our piece. Music and affect have an ephemeral character that is expressed through the temporality of motion in space. The invisible musical and affective traces thus become tangible through material manipulation. Our intention in this work is to transform sonic intensities into affective data which will then inform a kinetic surface. The starting point is a musical composition specially composed for this project. With the use of a portable EEG headset we recorded the affective responses of individuals who were exposed to the musical material. These affective data are fed into a kinetic structure which entails a synthesis of textiles and motors. The motors determine the tension of the fabric and its fluctuation in space. The dimensions of the final work are 60x45cm and it is placed horizontally on a pedestal. Music is transmitted via headphones located next to the kinetic surface. Traces of Affect was exhibited during ‘Leave No Trace’ exhibition in Tent Gallery in Edinburgh in March 2016.